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Life can be unfair at times. It can make you experience  financial turmoil every now and then. Sometimes it is manageable and sometimes not so much. People say these ups and downs are a part of life. But only those going through a financial crunch know what it really means to feel the burden of bills piling up on the table with  no money to pay them off. And it becomes even more tough when you have a family to feed or a business to look after. A Bad credit auto loans is a great way of facing such a crunch whenever life gives you lemons. 

What Are Bad Credit Auto Loans?

Your vehicle is worth more than you think . You can get a loan against your car to cater to your financial needs. So in simple terms, your clear vehicle title is used as collateral for a loan. Getting a loan couldn’t get easier than this. A bad credit loan is a loan wherein your credit score is not considered. This means that Canadians who have poor credit scores or bad credit  can easily apply for a loan, without having to worry about high interest rates or rejections. There’s another benefit to these loans. One does not have to provide job details in order to qualify. Unlike other financing and funding institutions, Quick Cash Canada does not ask its customers to provide  their employment details in order to qualify for a loan. 

No Credit Checks or No Credit History Required

As mentioned earlier, Quick Cash Canada does not perform credit checks. The loan is a secured loan and uses the title documents of the vehicle as security. No customer needs to worry about a poor credit score at all. All are eligible for taking the loan against a fully paid off vehicle just as long as all the other requirements are met.

Minimal Paperwork

We understand the urgency  of having quick money. Going through piles of paperwork and signing numerous documents for a bank loan is a daunting task. We are all about same-day loan approvals. That is why we  keep our required paperwork to a minimum. Our bad credit auto loan will give you the maximum cash with minimum documentation requirements.


Keep Your  Vehicle

You get to keep your vehicle! Yes, it’s true!   Keep your car and the loan money. We do not store the vehicle for the duration of the loan.


Long Loan Terms

A long loan term of 7 years is a comfortable time period for anyone to repay a loan without having to worry about missing on  installments. It gives the borrower the opportunity to make small monthly payments which are easy on the pocket too.


Competitive Interest Rates

We give our customers the industry-best interest rates. Our interest rates are competitive and will not put the borrower under any financial burden.


Open Loan With No Penalties

Since our loans are open for the customers to close at  their convenience, we do not charge any penalties on them. The borrowers are free to make early payments and close the account when they want.


Same Day Cash

Once everything goes well with the vehicle inspection and the loan approval, the borrower gets the loan on the same day. No waiting  for weeks or months, no separate loan account and no extra drama. Money is what you need in an emergency and that is what we give you. 

To get the best bad credit auto loan, you will need the following:

  • The borrower must own a fully paid off vehicle (car, motorcycle, truck etc)
  • The vehicle should not be older than 10 years
  • Complete vehicle registration in your name.
  • The vehicle should be fully insured (Collision and Comprehensive) under your name
  • The borrower should have a valid Canadian driver’s license
  • Provide  proof of permanent residency
  • A spare set of keys to the vehicle.

Nothing could be better than getting a vehicle title loan to get rid of your money troubles. Call toll free 1-888-517-1625 or apply online. Talk to one of our loan agents to get your car evaluated today!

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