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Unexpected monetary challenges in life can throw you off balance. You may find yourself short of funds. Whether it’s a massive medical bill, urgent home repair work, a lawsuit, or any other financial emergency like a swelling credit card bill; shortage of funds can really disturb your mental peace. Getting a  car equity loans can be a real help for many reasons.  

Is a Car Equity Loans Just Like Other Loans?

A Car Title Loan from Quick Cash Canada differs from other types of loans.  Other lenders will ask for proof of employment and income. They also pull up your credit score/history to examine how trustworthy you are with money in the past. They examine these four major factors when determining if you are an ideal candidate to loan with: employment, income credit history and credit score.. All these points help check the creditworthiness of the person. Car Title Loans work differently and don’t follow these exact guidelines. They are secured loans in which the borrower uses his asset as collateral to obtain the required sum of loan money. 

When you think of getting an auto title loan from us, you automatically lower half of the burden on you. The requirements that we discussed earlier are something that we don’t consider. We understand when an emergency arises, funds are needed quickly  and we don’t want to further the stress by long wait times. We use your car title as collateral to process and disburse the loan. Neither do we ask for your credit history nor do we check your credit score. We require a clear car title (no liens on it) to process your request. The loan amount you receive  can be spent however you see fit. . You can also continue to use your vehicle. We won’t take or store the vehicle for the whole duration of the loan as long as payments are made monthly. Our Car Title Loans are the best in the market!

  • No credit checks
  • No credit history examined
  • No employment details asked
  • No proof of income required
  • No physical possession of your  car

   A Car Equity Loan works best for the people with bad or poor  credit scores. This type of loan doesn’t require all that other stuff but more importance is given to the clear title documents of the vehicle. Quick Cash Canada is committed to providing best financial help through auto title lending at reasonable and flexible terms. 

What Is The Process of Getting a Quick Cash Canada Title Loan?

Our approval process is very quick and transparent. To find out whether you are eligible for a Car Equity Loans and how much you may borrow, you will need  to fill out a loan request form through our online platform. It  takes only a few minutes to complete as you will just have to provide some basic personal information and basic car details. As soon as you hit the submit button, we go through your application  to arrive at a decision as to whether you qualify or not. Once you get the green signal from our side, we may ask you for some additional documents like registration and insurance papers to support your request. Once we verify all the info we need on  our side, we will ask you to bring your car in for inspection to one of our locations. Once your vehicle has been inspected and paperwork has been signed we will disburse the loan on the same day and you’ll be handed the cash!

Benefits of Our Title Loans

Since  your car is used as collateral in an auto title loan, the process is fast  and it is often easier to qualify for the loan. The entire process from loan approval to disbursement is hassle-free and more importantly quick. Quick Cash Canada does not charge any prepayment penalties if the borrower wants to repay the loan before the tenure date. This helps  save on interest costs and any prepayment fees.  

Get in touch with us today! Apply online or call toll free 1-888-517-1625 for  more information about our car title loans.

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