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December 5, 2022
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Sagada is a mountainous town in Mountain Province, Philippines. It attracts numerous foreign and local tourists yearly because of its beautiful scenery, majestic mountains, waterfalls, limestone caves, cliffs, and friendly people. Your guide will help you discover Sagada’s rich culture, tradition, and beauty as you visit this town using your Car Collateral Loans Regina Saskatchewan.

Tourist Attractions In Sagada

  • Sagada Hanging Coffins. Visit the mysterious hanging coffin of Sagada and the great stories and beliefs behind it. You can only appreciate from afar the wooden coffins hanging on the face of the cliffs because the location is challenging to reach. These people believe that the higher the casket on the cliff, the closer they will be to their ancestral spirits.
  • Sumaguing Cave. It is the biggest among the 60 caves in Sagada. It is also called the big cave and is the most popular among tourists. Inside the cave are different rock formations carved by nature over thousands of years. Some shapes look like a chocolate cake, elephant, and turtle’s head. Get a local guide to explore this cave for your safety. There is also the “tunnel” where you squeeze your body into a narrow opening with water.
  • Bomod-ok Falls or The Big Falls. It is an excellent adventure for outdoor lovers. After a nice long walk along the rice terraces, you can see the Big Falls. Swimming in its cold water is a nice treat after a more than two hours hike. Swimming during rainy seasons is not allowed due to the rampaging waters.

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