Fast Cash Spruce Grove Alberta Compared to Unsecured Bank Loans and Short Term Loans Will Always Do Far Better

Borrowers Searching for Affordable Quick Cash Airdrie Alberta Loan Now Have a Clear Cut Choice with Low Interest
August 16, 2016
Car Loans Leduc Alberta is the Fastest Way for Credit-challenged Borrowers to Secure a Car Title Loan
August 18, 2016

Unfortunately, unsecured bank loans offer high interest rates and the loan won’t be approved if the borrower has bad credit. Short term loans may be approved with bad credit, but the interest rates are astronomically high. Now, compare these loans to collateral fast cash loans.

Collateral car title loans are easy to apply for

Collateral vehicle title loans are based the car’s true market value so borrowers will be required to fully own their car outright. Other requirements will include proof of permanent residence, a valid driver’s license, the lien free car title, vehicle registration, and collision insurance. Once everything is in order, the loan is approved in just one hour and the loan amount is released on the same day.

Lowest interest rate and longer loan terms

No credit check title loans carry longer payment terms that are the longest up to 7 years. Interest rates are also the lowest in the whole lending industry or when compared to short term loans or unsecured bank loans. Much lower interest rate can be offered against the closest competitors.

No penalties for bad or no credit

These loans don’t need credit checks because the loan approval is not based on the borrower’s credit rating. Likewise, loan approvals will not carry any penalties or higher interest if the borrower has bad credit.

When in need of immediate or emergency fast cash that offers no penalties for early payments and low interest, a collateral car title loan from Quick Cash Canada may be the best option for you. Call Quick Cash Canada Loans toll free at 1-888-517-1625 and apply now for a car title loan. You’ll speak with a member of our dedicated team and see how Quick Cash Canada can help.

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