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It is challenging for some people to qualify for bank loans due to stringent requirements. Banks usually require high credit scores. Banks require proof of income; they want to ensure that you can pay back your loan. These requirements, among others, are some of the reasons why many loan applications get declined. What is your other option if you can’t get a bank loan? Car collateral loans Guelph Ontario is your best alternative if you experience loan rejection from banks.

What Is A Car Equity Loan?

A Car Equity Loan is borrowing against the value of your car. It is a secured loan with your car as collateral. If you get cash using your vehicle, terms are more attractive than traditional loans. You also get a higher loanable amount based on the value of your vehicle. Bad Credit car loans don’t have credit checking; thus, you do not need to worry if you have low credit scores. The lenders will not check your credit history, and the interest rate is low. On top of that, approval is much easier because loan processing is quicker.

Here’s How To Qualify For Car Collateral Loans

Please check some essential requirements to qualify for a car collateral loan. 

  • You should have a valid driver’s license, at least 19 years old. The name on your driver’s license and the car title should match, proof that you are the car’s owner.
  • Your car should be lien-free and have valid insurance with a collision deductible.
  • You have a second set of keys.
  • Your collateral car must be at most eight years old to qualify.
  • You must also present proof of residency.
  • Check your lender for other requirements.

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