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September 7, 2020
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January 15, 2021
Specialized Car Equity Loan

At times we face certain monetary situations in life that require quick cash. These could be anything like a medical emergency, overdue credit card bills, education expenses,  funeral expenses due to sudden death in family, travel expenses etc.  In such cases, when you have a shortage of funds where  it becomes unbearable to overcome your finances, you usually end up with two options. Either you can arrange to borrow the  money from your family,/friends or opt for a loan using the traditional methods like a bank or other financial institution. But these options are not always the most reliable ones. You can instead opt for a specialized car equity loans with Quick Cash Canada that can prove to be of great help. 

Borrow Against Your Car Equity Loans – What Is It?

A Specialized car equity loan is a loan that is provided against the title of your car which should be  lien free. The loan amount is provided on the same day after getting the approval. Every vehicle carries some equity value which can be used to get this equity loan. So if you have a lien free vehicle, you can easily use it in  times of distress to get same day cash.  The loan amount will depend upon the equity value that your vehicle has. The higher the value,  the more funds you can borrow . Your car will be  inspected and its equity will be  calculated to determine the loan amount you are eligible for. 

Your credit history plays no role for the loan approval. The loan is  secured against the car’s equity value and therefore, only the title papers are important and not your  credit score. 

The Loan Process

The simple loan process will help you get immediate approval.

Call us or apply online – Nothing can be more simpler than just giving us a call at our toll free number or filling out the online application form with the vehicle details. 

Submit the documents – Our loan agent will advise  you through basic  documents that are required. Your vehicle title papers are required for security and will be returned to you once you repay the loan. 

Get approved- After submitting the minimal documents, you will be approved with no delay for the loan amount you qualify for. 

Receive money-  Get your money within the same day after the verification and the inspection process. Drive off with your vehicle and your  money. 

What Are The Prerequisites To Get Approved For A Specialized Car Equity Loans? 

Being a borrower, you must understand the prerequisites in order to get quick approval for an equity loan on your vehicle. 

  • Your vehicle must not be older than 10 years.
  • Your car must have a clear title with proper registration and insurance in your name.
  • Possess a valid  Canadian driver’s license..
  • You  must be of legal age in your respective province.
  • Provide proof of  permanent residence in Canada.
  • Have a spare set of keys for  your vehicle that works on all doors including the ignition. 

Take Advantage of The Benefits Of An Auto Equity Loans 

Here are some of the major benefits our customers can utilize  when they apply for a specialized car equity loan with Quick Cash Canada:

  • The loan process is very simple and the paperwork part is minimal as compared to other loans from traditional lenders or banks.
  • Funds are provided on the very same day to help solve their financial problems. 
  • There’s no requirement to keep your vehicle with us and we allow our customers to keep driving their car as usual.  
  • You’re required to submit a few basic documents in order to get quick approval. 
  • Our 4 year long loan term makes it easy for you to pay back  the loan money comfortably. 
  • Our loan approval is given irrespective of your credit score and job details, as there are NO credit checks and NO job requirements. 
  • We offer low and very competitive interest rates. 
  • There are  NO penalties charged for  early payout of the loan.

We completely understand that money related problems can distress you and make your life tough. So, we leave no stone unturned in helping our customers overcome their financial problems with the help of our specialized car equity loans. Call us (toll free) 1-888-517-1625  or apply online and speak to one of our loan agents today. 

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